Policedog Center "The Bergakkers" has a solid client base including the armies of the United States, France, Germany and Singapore, police forces in Egypt, Kuwait and Singapore, various Dutch police forces, airport customs, various security companies around the world and clients in the private sector. Would you like to know exactly who our clients are? Take a look at our reference list.






Hobby and passion for the dog sport form the foundation for Policedog Center "The Bergakkers". Initiative taker Wim Maas seized his opportunity in 1977 to turn his hobby into his job. Together with his wife and some friends he began purchasing and selling police and guard dogs. Meanwhile the police dog center has grown into a professional organization with clients all over the world.


Quality is of the interest when training police and guard dogs. That is why Policedog Center "The Bergakkers" has the necessary knowledge and certificates. Since 1968 owner Wim Maas is a member of the Royal Dutch Police Dogs Association (KNPV) and since 1983 he is general inspector for the KNPV. In addition he is still active in the dog sport. Not only the owner, but the other employees as well have the necessary certificates. Think also the helpers (workers in the suits) that follow the necessary courses within their own sport.

Purchashing dogs

Policedog Center "The Bergakkers" is continuously looking for dogs that are already trained (partly), such as certified sports dogs and dogs that will fetch various objects. Furthermore, we always look for dogs that are experienced in the basic commands and that can be used on short distances as well as long ones. We have a simple way of testing the dogs for their skills and we will pay their owner a good price.


For the best results dog and trainer must be a perfect team. This is accomplished by training the dogs as well as the trainers. Training can for instance be geared to detecting explosives, narcotics, money and human scent. Policedog Center "The Bergakkers" has qualified personnel and will provide training at their own site as well as on the client's. Training will be followed by an official certificate from Policedog Center "The Bergakkers".

All are activities are subject to general terms and conditions.


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